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Our Psychologists

Psychology at Fillan HealthcareWe have recruited a number of experienced registered psychologists and continue to look for clinicians that will enhance our team. All of our psychologists provide psychotherapy, psychological testing and diagnose mental illness. Some our psychologists also all hold postgraduate degrees and have their own specific research topics. This ensures that we can offer the most up to date and best clinical interventions for you and your family.

For Mental Health

Fillan Healthcare has been named after one of the Patron Saints of Mental Illness and by having psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and counselling psychologists in the same clinic, we offer comprehensive care for all of your mental health needs.

Understanding that people expect the best private healthcare, we offer research based treatments and can see you as a matter of urgency.

Depression, Anxiety & Alcohol

Concerned about depression, anxiety & alcohol? Depression, anxiety and stress all intertwine and can impact on functioning significantly. People cope in different ways and one way is through alcohol. If you or or family are concerned about the amount that you drink, then it is possible you maybe suffering from depression or anxiety. If so we will be able to help you.

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Our Psychologists