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Adrianne McLean

I am a lawyer, author, divorce coach and NLP practitioner. I am passionate about helping you find a
better way to end your relationship that saves you the anxiety, money & time on your separation
that allows you to move into a better, more fulfilling life much faster.

Divorce is a multi-billion dollar business for law firms around the world. After nearly two decades as
a divorce lawyer, seeing the havoc that can be wrecked in families going through the separation
process I felt there had to be a better way, so I trained to become a divorce coach along with my
mediation and collaborative legal practise.

In any separation, the process is 90% emotional and 10% legal but it gets crushed in together where
it becomes impossible to see where emotional and legal process begin and end, which in far too
many cases mean that legal fees go sky high along with emotions.

By working alongside a divorce and recovery coach means you are dealing with the 90% not only for
the divorce process but how to move into the future you deserve and want.

Coaching helps you with all the issues that can arise, some of these are:

  1. Should I stay or should I go?
  2. Support on how to leave family violence.
  3. How to separate from a narcissist.
  4. How to deal with your lawyer to keep your fees to a minimum and to move faster through
    the process.
  5. How to effectively co-parent and make your own parenting plans.
  6. Support for mediation and/or court.
  7. Moving past the overwhelm to rebuilding your life and heart.

I offer one off consultations, packages for ongoing support and zoom meetings which enable me to
work with clients from anywhere in New Zealand and overseas.