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Yi Zhang

Yi ZhangI came to New Zealand from China on my own as an adolescent and have lived, studied and worked in New Zealand for about 20 years. I understand the ups and downs of living a life in a new country.

Previously, I worked as a Registered Teacher in Masterton. Through my employment as a Registered Psychologist, I have worked alongside children, young people, adults and families in government and non-government organisations.

My areas of interest include: trauma, depression, anxiety, parenting, parent-child relationship, Autism, psychological assessment and therapies.


在成为心理师之前,我曾是新西兰注册教师,主要教初高中音乐。 如今通过注册心理师的工作,我有与儿童,青少年,成人以及家庭的工作经验。我也分别在政府及非政府组织里工作的经验。我的兴趣领域包括:创伤,抑郁,焦虑,家庭教育,亲子关系,自闭症,心理评估和治疗。


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