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Jean Annan

Dr Jean Annan is a registered psychologist at Positively Psychology . She works with school-age children and young adults up to 27 years of age who are experiencing challenges to emotional well-being and learning. She has worked with schools across Aotearoa New Zealand, at universities in Auckland and in government agencies to enhance young people’s well-being.

Dr Annan’s work involves up-to-date psychology knowledge that has demonstrated good outcomes for young people. It is based on positive psychology, neuroscience and solution-focused, narrative therapies.

Positively Psychology can support young people through a variety of challenges including

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Burnout
  • Depression

To book an appointment with Dr Annan, visit the Positively Psychology website at or email  She is available for consultation by appointment from her satellite offices at St Helliers and Ellerslie.



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