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Karen Jones

Karen JonesI am a New Zealand-trained Registered Clinical Psychologist, with a PhD in Psychology and have been working as a Clinical Psychologist since 2010. I also completed Mindfulness Teacher Training at Bangor University, Wales in 2013. I am a full member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists and the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology.

Before retraining as a psychologist in my 40’s, I worked for a major bank in NZ and raised my family of three.

My Approach

My aim is to provide a safe and compassionate space where we can explore and understand the challenges you face. We will work together to develop ways for you to move forward in a practical and meaningful way. I use evidence-based therapies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness based practices.

Areas of Specialisation

Psychosocial Support

I work with adults (over 18 years) who are experiencing,

  • Work related challenges (e.g., work stress, burnout, redundancy, retirement, work life balance)
  • Other problems in their lives (e.g., relationship difficulties, loss and grief, life transitions, behaviours they would like to change)
  • Mental health difficulties (e.g., anxiety, depression)
  • To thrive in their life (e.g., to be more fulfilled, more able to be at their best).

Professional Coaching

Over the past 10 years’ I have also worked extensively with the corporate sector supporting professionals to successfully navigate today’s fast paced and highly demanding environment.

I support people to enhance their professional development by,

  • Identifying any barriers to well-being,
  • Determining what is working well and areas for improvement (e.g, managing challenging conversations and workplace relationships)
  • Identifying and working towards their values. To develop a growing awareness of who they are when at their best in both their professional and personal lives.

Making an Appointment

I like to talk with people briefly before making an appointment. This call lets you get a sense of who I am and also gives me a chance to figure out if I have the skills and capacity to help. If I don’t think I’m the right person I’ll let you know who I think might be able to help. Please email me your name, phone number, and a brief description of what you would like to work on together, and I will contact you to make a time to talk.

I offer in-person sessions at various Auckland locations as well as online via Zoom, Skype and others from Tuesday to Thursday.

My fee for private referrals is $230.00 (incl GST) for each 50-60 min session. For referrals through an organisation please contact me for further details.

My contact details are:
Email: karen.jones.dr@gmail.com
Mob: 027 452 6966

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